30th Anniversary


30 years of THE REAL 3D PUZZLE EXPERIENCE with Wrebbit



For this year’s 30th anniversary, we have special offers so you can celebrate with us.
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February 14 to 20th



Paul E. Gallant – Inventor of 3D puzzle concept

30 years ago, Paul E. Gallant came up with the idea to bring the 3rd dimension to the puzzling experience. To achieve his vision, he developed the foam-backed puzzle pieces combined with the use of mortise & tenon joints for a sturdy 3D assembly of different puzzle sections… Brilliant!

To commercialize his new concept, he founded Wrebbit, a name inspired by the sound of the frog’s croak. The success was instantaneous and phenomenal. Since then, millions of three-dimensional puzzles have been sold worldwide every year. The term 3D puzzles is now part of the toy industry vocabulary, but no other brands  have achieved Wrebbit’s quality standards.

This year, Wrebbit is celebrating 30 years of this Canadian made product by continuing to expand and develop this unparalleled foam backed pieces technology that allows us, even after all these years, to be the only one delivering THE REAL 3D PUZZLE EXPERIENCE.


30 years is no small feat! That’s why we’re planning to celebrate all year round with you. Make sure to mark your calendars for the next events!

TIMELINE – Let’s go back in time from 2021 to 1991 to the origins of 3D jigsaw puzzles

Important milestones were achieved during the last 30 years, in part with your collaboration and hard work. Let’s look back at what we have achieved throughout the last three decades.


In most fairy tales, frogs turn into princes. But why settle when you’re the King of 3D Puzzles?

For 30 years, puzzlers the world over have been affectionately referring to the iconic WREBBIT 3D puzzle as “the one with the frog on the box.” It is a magical love affair that has become the stuff of legend, worthy of the fertile imagination of Paul E. Gallant, who once upon a time…

Paul E. Gallant

Invented the 3D puzzle in 1991, sparking a whole new industry that did not exist before then, including, alas, imitations that have failed to match the flair and quality of WREBBIT 3D puzzles.

In 2011, animated by its trademark desire for innovation, the WREBBIT fable entered a new chapter, a bold rebrand that included presciently taking the company’s supply chain local to better serve its global community of distributors and retailers – a masterful stroke that’s been enabling WREBBIT to scale up production when demand warrants it and dependably ensure enough inventory to fill orders, while limiting overstock via just-in-time manufacturing.

As we mark 30 years since we invented the 3D puzzle, and 10 years since our rebrand, we’ve truly enjoyed having you play an integral part in our long and wonderful fairy tale. We look forward to creating many, many more adventures together and kicking off our anniversary celebrations with the release of a spectacular puzzle of Château Frontenac, Quebec City’s mythical hotel, in April 2022!

Today, WREBBIT 3D is still the only 3D “jigsaw” puzzle on the market. Our use of actual puzzle pieces – crafted of foam, not plastic – continues to distinguish us from the pack. And unlike flat-picture 3D puzzles, WREBBIT 3D puzzles are freestanding structures that elevate the puzzle-building experience to the most compelling, satisfying and challenging degree in all the land.

WREBBIT 3D continues to be the gold standard when it comes to genuine 3D puzzling. Most importantly, we aim to pursue our passion for creative excellence and unmatched quality for many years to come so that your customers may continue to puzzle happily ever after…

Jean Théberge
President of Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.

Jean Théberge – President of Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.


This year with the 30th anniversary, we have special offers so you can celebrate with us. To learn more about these special offers, book a video presentation / meeting.




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