Tips and tricks

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

(Yes, you can do it!)

1. Sort

Separate out your 3D puzzle pieces into many piles, for instance, by colour and design. We know you can’t wait to start assembling your puzzle, and sorting will get you there faster, since it makes the rest so much easier! Red-dotted pieces are not part of the puzzle, but should be kept for now (find out why).

2. Assemble

Let the fun begin! Piece those piles into flat sections, just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. See? It’s easy!
When you’re done, some flat sections will have smooth edges and others square teeth. This is normal (and don’t worry it’ll all make sense in the next step!).

3. Go 3D!

Now you’re ready to get those flat surfaces standing up together! How? Well, don’t look at us! Check your puzzle instructions. If you find black-and-white a tad bland, check out fancier and colourful instructions for your 3D puzzle here.


How To

Follow along the step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your Wrebbit3D Puzzle.  Watch the techniques used by a professional to assemble them.

360° View

Watch the 360 view of your Wrebbit3D Puzzle and get a glimpse of what your accomplishment will look like once it’s fully assembled. Do not hesitate to help yourself out while you build your 3D puzzle: pause the video to create the custom reference image that you need during the puzzling or assembly step.